At Never@Home, we pride ourselves in being a next generation hostel that is more than just about accommodation, but an experience that houses the Cape Town spirit bottled in the service provided by our friendly staff, the Randy Warthog Bar and Grill experience that comes with our signature dishes and recently launched signature drink.

As you enter the gates of our hostel, you’re greeted by Cape Town-inspired street art on the walls at the Never@home entrance that proclaims that this is a place for those with a creative spirit – and the shots of orange, green and blue colour throughout the hostel – add a wonderful playful character.

And that’s what this project, the competition is all about. It’s time to get creative, Cape Town.

We’re looking for the best graffiti artist to not only put their name, but their artwork on our walls, to make their artwork at home in our residency. Is this you? Send through your best artwork that is inspired by the buzz and spirit of  the Garden Route, Cape Town, a map from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, showing main tourist towns and attractions and interpret that the best way that you can and that could be you – the lucky one commissioned on our passage wall between Reception and Randy Warthog Bar & Grill. For any enquiries, and submissions kindly email

The deadline for submission is 31 March 2016 at 23h59.

It’s time to get creative.

Designs on Garden Route