It’s no mystery that Cape Town is always abuzz with events, people and all kind of life that is breathed into the space that many call home, the Mother City. It’s the city that never sleeps, making sure that it’s taking care of all your needs whether it be in entrepreneurial space of technology with a healthy ecosystem, or being the creative hub that the world knows it to be. And to ensure that the arts continue giving, and that artists too continue sharing, the city comes alive with First Thursdays.

Hosted on the first Thursday of every month, First Thursdays is a free Cape Town event that started with the intention of the fellow creative “to explore the city on foot and experience the cultural wealth this city has to offer”, and that’s exactly what the city offers with this public event.

When is the next First Thursdays

The First Thursdays art walk starts at 5pm and most of the galleries stay open until 9pm (some close at 8pm). Browsers can start at any gallery on the map, work their way around in any order they like and also pop into one of the many great places to eat and drink along the route.

Before you go

  1. Browse exhibitions, performances, and other events on the First Thursdays Website.
  2. Familiarise yourself with locations (see bottom of the page)
  3. Decide where you’d like to start.
  4. Invite a few fellow friend from the hostel or go it alone and make friends when you are there.
  5. Grab a printed map at your first stop.

Getting there from never@home

First Thursdays is spread throughout the central city but primarily along the axes of Bree and Church Streets. We recommend taking the MyCiTi Bus, Uber or cycling if you can. If you’re driving, park near to where you think you might end up, however with all that wine on offer we think that you should leave your car at the hostel!