Open Streets regard themselves as an initiative that is driven by the citizens themselves, ensuring that they are working for the streets  “which embed and generate respect for people, regardless of who we are or how we move.” and this Sunday, 17 January 2016, the City of Cape Town gets to relive and experience the offering that is this amazing initiative. The intention of the initiative is to “challenge the paradigm of mobility in our cities by carrying out ‘street actions’ such as campaigns, temporary interventions and walks that raise citizen awareness and foster public debate about streets” as quoted from their website. So what exactly happens at Open Bree Streets?

There will be strictly no vehicles that will be allowed on Bree Street and it will be a pedestrian’s street heaven with activities like a bicycle hub, Zumba, various dancers and entertainers, gymnastics, street cricket, yoga, an art installation and a film screening to be expected. And why is this important? And why should you attend? Yes, to go and chill and have fun on your Sunday afternoon and explore your city in a manner that you’ve never have before, but also engage in the place capital that we have, like CEO of the Cape Town Partnership, Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana, says so eloquently.

“I think that our city’s soul is in itself justification enough. Nonetheless, increasingly urbanists around the world are also drawing a connection between a city’s urban soul and its economic prosperity through a concept called “place capital”. Place capital is the intangible aspects of a city that encourage human interactions, fostering real physical social networks and connecting people with opportunities, monetary or otherwise.”

With all this said, make use of the place capital that we have and engage with it. See you soon!