Parklife Festival 2017

This coming Easter Monday located in our favourite park, Green Point, is yet another epic Cape Town event to get excited for. And we recon this years Parklife Music and Gourmet Food Festival is sure to get you dancing with some of SA's hottest acts taking to the stage - [...]

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Rocking The Daisies

Grab your dancing shoes, make your daisy chain head wear and make sure your tickets are at the ready as the music festival of the year is fast approaching! Celebrating their 11th Year running this year is set to be MASSIVE with over 250 acts taking to the 11 stages. [...]

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Riccardo Moretti is a techno, electric and tribal musician. Several years ago, Riccardo moved from Italy to South Africa and enhanced his own multi-layered performances by blending his sound with new and inspiring musical influences. With his own solo project ‘Tribal Need’, Riccardo is an experienced professional musician who performs [...]

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