SPARK Music & Arts Festival postponed due to unforeseen venue complications 

SPARK Music & Arts festival has been postponed by the festival directors from The Spirit Train and Make-Believe due licensing requirements with the municipal and venue owners that would not have been possible to resolve in time before the commencement of the festival.

The Festival Directors will endeavour to work towards resolving the licensing complications over healthy and safety requirements and look at putting a new date on the calendar to create yet another legendary experience.

The owners would like to apologise and thank the public for their interest in the festival and ensures that all those that have purchased pre-sold tickets will receive a full refund by the ticket outlet, Quicket.

Please contact SPARK via our Facebook page with any queries or concerns.

In their unerring dedication to delivering soul-pounding parties, impeccable talent and amazing vibes, mega soundsystems and a mesmerising tribe of DJ legends, the experimental community that created Africa’s first biggest mutant Spirit Train will host SPARK Arts & Music Festival over one the festive season, 27-28 December.

After countless years of arranging epic entertainment events and fertile platforms for creative seed-sowing, SPARK organisers are set to display their collaborative wealth of technical, practical & musical craftsmanship – engineering a lush musical and artistic landscape complete with fantastical installations and mutant vehicles.

The Festival’s unique ‘Leave NO Trace’ venue is situated just 45kms from Cape Town (between Paarl & Stellenbosch) on a nature reserve fittingly chosen with the legacy of conservation and radical-responsible partying in mind … and it truly is a gem (more details to be revealed shortly). Featuring an ‘island as the central dance-floor and surrounded by swimming water, mountains and stars – a video-mapping, lighting and fire display by night will complement the sheer beauty of this incredible venue.

Festival participants will experience a carefully-crafted landscape of sound over two floors – from dub, funk and experimental beats to the deep ‘n twisted house & techno grooves. 9 Live Acts and 28 DJ’s – including Andi Dill, Metro Ticket and international music men – Nico Sun and Luke Redford. Plus many, many more.

Artists include Swiss artists Nico Sun and Luke Redford, as well as Felix La Band, Metro Ticket, Roach and so many more. For more information contact