Cape Town is known for not only for our beautiful and significant Table Mountain, one of the natural wonders which the Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said that its standing and state was something that was to “bring tremendous direct economic and socio-economic benefits” to the city and the country, but also the amazing waters of bays which harbour yachts and other kinds of boats. And, it is in this opportunity that our next supplier mastered the gap in the business.

Yachtmaster Sailing School is a school where everything is a breeze, literally. The school offers the opportunity to master the excellence of sailing through the most amazing weather and training conditions perfect for the aspirant sailor in you; and what’s inviting about the offer is the fact that you don’t need no experience in order to start mastering the art of sailing with Yachtmaster Sailing School.

So give it a go, and in everything sailing, whether it is to charter a yacht or simply dive into the sailor’s slang and be one with the cabin crew, Yachtmaster Sailing School is the school for you.