Mzoli’s Meat is a butchery where you can enjoy some of the best braaied (barbecued) meat in Cape Town. However it is much more than just your regular butcher shop – it is where you go for a meat fest and party! It is also our “Hidden Gem of the Week” because of the unique South African experience Mzoli’s offers and we think it would be criminal if you travel to the Mother City without checking it out for yourself.

Mzoli’s Meat, also known as Mzoli’s Butcher, is situated in Gugulethu, in a township within the heart of Cape Town. The owner Mzoli Ngcawuzele started the restaurant in 2003 with start-up funding from the Development Bank of South Africa, which supports black-owned businesses. By 2006, Mzoli’s had grown from lamb offal being sold out of Mzoli’s garage to one of Cape Town’s most popular hangouts.

Over the years it has become a place where politicians, locals, tourists and celebrities (including celebrity British chef, Jamie Oliver) hang out. Each Sunday Gugulethu is filled with people carrying their drinks and plates, waiting to sample the meat at Mzoli’s – consequently putting Gugulethu’s township on the tourism map!


The grub:
You enter what looks like a shop with meat on display in a refrigerated case. You get to choose what you want to eat — ground beef, lamb chops, boerewors, T-bone steak, pork shoulder, chicken, brisket, the very popular pre-cooked lamb stew, and more.

Once you have picked out your meats, you then get a choice of side dishes that include; pap, chakalaka, steamed bread and beans.

The food you have chosen then gets taken away by a Mzoli’s braai master. Your meat is then braaied on a huge barbecue grill. On Sunday’s there can be up to eight huge grills all going at a once! Braaied to perfection it is then ready for you to eat with your hands (unless you bring your own cutlery).


Music and good vibes:
Before heading to Mzoli’s you must be aware of a few things; It isn’t a fancy venue. There isn’t a dress code. It doesn’t matter what car you arrive in. It is a place to let your hair down, eat lekker food, socialise, dance and just generally have an awesome time.

As you enter the restaurant, you pass under a sign that says, “Mzoli — it all comes together with a castle”, castle which is a popular local beer! Be aware that you DO have to remember to take your own alcoholic drinks with you to the venue as you will NOT be able to buy them there.

On weekends there’s a variety of live music to accommodate all, but Mzoli’s has become known as a venue for kwaito and deep house music – so don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes so you can bust your moves.


Experience the party with Juma:

We highly recommend this unique township experience through Juma’s Mzoli’s Tour on a Sunday. With Juma you get to experience all of the above but with the following perks;

*The tour includes collection from never@home (12pm) and drop off (6pm)
*Juma has a HUGE plate of food organised for you to share, so you can take in the atmosphere and enjoy the party
*On weekends Mzolis can be extremely busy and you can find yourself in a que waiting to buy your food for a long time – which isn’t the best in the heat of the summer. With Juma, you get to walk past all the queues and straight to a table reserved especially for you.
*The most important advantage has to be the UNLIMITED beers. Juma will have someone to serve you and we guarantee that they never let you have an empty bottle in front of you!