Riccardo Moretti is a techno, electric and tribal musician. Several years ago, Riccardo moved from Italy to South Africa and enhanced his own multi-layered performances by blending his sound with new and inspiring musical influences. With his own solo project ‘Tribal Need’, Riccardo is an experienced professional musician who performs at club and festivals internationally.

Moretti was a former band member of Moodphase5ive, FiringSquad, Colourfieds and Godessa. He has also appeard at the Pflasterspektakel (Linz, AT), CapeTown Jazz Festival, Gurtenfestival (Bern), Ferrara Buskers Festival (IT), StreetLife (Munich, DE), Lowlands (NL), Club Paradiso (Amsterdam), Vox Club (Modena) and PhiBeach (Sardegna).

‘Tribal Need’ at the forefront of progressive musicianship, with his experimental mixture of Synths, Didjeridoo, Percussion, Hang, Beatboxing and a Loop Station. His sharp melodies, melancholic sounds and ancient rhythms tells a story of his journey between the European Electro scene and Afro-Australians tribal grooves and the ‘Electro Nomad’.

Riccardo (Tribal Need) will be performing live at the Sprit Train Fundraiser on March 6, 2016 and Never@Home.