The best thing about Cape Town, as the tourists say, is the people. We’d like to take this saying a bit further and say that it is what the people do to not only make one feel at home, what exactly it is that they produce to ensure that a great stay is had at Cape Town. The universal language that is music is one. And this is how Cape Town electronic duo, Dom Peters and David Poole, ensure that the global stages know about just how amazing Capetonians are – through the music of Goldfish.

The record-breaking 8 SAMA nominated Goldfish has had quite a few accolades to live up to, including sold-out shows from Amsterdam to Miami, from the Sydney Opera House to Sao Paulo, a residency at Pacha Ibiza with international DJ phenomenon David Guetta to getting a nod in the 10 on the US iTunes Dance chart. There’s so much more to duo since the release of their debit album, Caught In The Loop.

And speaking of offerings, their latest release features that of the work of Julia Churh entitled Heart Shaped Box, and this is what the single is all about.

“Reworking any Nirvana track is a risky business – akin to tampering with a musical holy grail – but when it’s done well it can create a truly mind-blowing piece of house music, which is exactly what South African duo Goldfish have done with “Heart Shaped Box”.”