Whenever we can, we feature talent that’s from across the nation, but one cannot ignore the pure talent that is bred and born in Cape Town. In this Monday’s edition of Music Mondays, we proudly present to you a duo which is taking the South African heart of music and complimenting it with Eurocentric inspired sounds and beats, and birthing a sound that only Christian Tiger School can be known for, and this is why this Monday, they’re featured on the blog.

Made up of the duo Luc Veermeer and Sebastiano Zanasi, the Experimental Hip Hop / Electronica duo have toured world stages with their music. this includes Rocking the Daisies, Synergy Live, Earthdance and Rezonance New Years Eve festival as well as opening for Hudson Mohawke, Little Dragon ,Eric Lau, Spoek Mathambo and Jesse Boykins iii just to name a few. And, popular South African music website and music supporter, Bombaada, striked the cord when embodying the essence of the music that of Christian Tiger School when they said that “Both being A.D.D sufferers, their music wriggles around going from heavily filtered psychedelic synths to airy and playful melodies.”, so this explains why when you play their music, one can;t help but to move along to the beats magnificently created by these two geniuses.

And speaking of genius, what was, is the recent collaboration with alternative South African artist, Okmalumkoolkat, as part of the release of their sophomore album Chrome Tape, with the song Damn January, which just 2 weeks ago, the official music video was released. Signing to legendary New York based label Tommy Boy was just the start of these Cape Town legends in the making, and we can’t wait to hear more from Christian Tiger School.

Enjoy this music video from the collaboration with Okmalumkoolkat.