With over 20 years of being in the English teaching profession and being the award winning school that it is, including the honour of receiving the title of the Award of Excellence 2013, 2014 for Language Travel, Cape Studies is one of the largest English language schools in Cape Town and can equip you with the weapon of mastering the English language when you’re in Cape Town.

South Africa is a country which has many languages and cultures, and English has been the mediator in languages when continents from around the world meet in Cape Town. The aim of Cape Studies is to “provide top quality Language Training, exceeding international standards to equip clients to excel in the international corporate world or get access to universities internationally, as well as to create employment for South Africans and to promote South Africa as a tourist and educational destination in the world and to sponsor educational projects in Africa, to help build a brighter future for Africa.” How can you not want to a part of this amazing school.

Cape Studies is more than about mastering the language of English, but the experience of Cape Town is one that the students from around the world can get to behold and get to participate in for a while, like watching a soccer match at the Greenpoint Stadium or paragliding like you never have in a while.

This is the one place where education is made fun, and Never at Home has got all the details of how you can get to be a part of Cape Studies at our reception desk.

Happy Cape Studying.