Our beautiful planet is important to us at never@home. So we are doing our best to ensure we are making a difference in order to keep it that way. By choosing to stay with us, you can have peace of mind that you are making a difference too!

Here are a few of the initiatives that we already have in place and that you will be able to find during your stay at the hostel.

What we do

We recycle paper, glass and plastic daily

(You will find colour coded recycling bins around the hostel)

We use water saving shower heads in all our bathrooms

We use energy saving LED light bulbs throughout the hostel

We have seats at the Randy made from recycled tyres

Our tables at reception are made using recycled doors

Beer bottle tops are donated to a local artist who uses them for crafts, creating sustainable employment

How you can help

Please help us during your never@home stay by using the recycling bins provided that are located conveniently outside the communal kitchen.

Try to have short and sweet showers! Not only will you make more friends when staying in the dorms by not hogging the shower you will also be saving water, which is great for our planet.

If you have any ideas or awesome green initiatives that you think we should put in place please let us know by messaging us on one of our social media platforms. Your opinions mean so much and we are always open to fresh ideas from around the world that help us to become even GREENER!