If you don’t know how to surf yet, you have come to the right place! As Cape Town is one of the best places to learn especially in the safe and mellow waters of Muizenburg. Lifestyle is an awesome surf shop and school conveniently located right on the beach front so you don’t have to walk a million miles to get the beach and tire yourself out even before you start your lesson.

Lifestyle has chosen their location wisely with the beach boasting a blue flag status and consequently one of the cleanest and most popular in Cape Town. The gentle yet long ride-able waves make it the perfect spot for those learning how to surf for the very first time. With these perfect surfing waves and the help from one of Lifestyle’s experienced instructors and their buoyant boards, it is likely you will be standing up by the end of your first lesson.

They provide all the best equipment you will need to learn this new skill including experienced instructors, surfboard, wet-suits and someone to dry out your soggy wet-suit once you have finished.



Your lesson will teach you the basics of board handling, positioning, paddling and various techniques of getting to your feet. You will also learn surfing etiquette, ocean knowledge and water safety, which are all key factors of becoming a surfer. You are likely to be standing on your board by the end of your first lesson, but we recommend you practice a few more times before deciding to go pro!

Once you have learnt the basics through the lesson you can then rent the surf boards and wet-suits to perfect your moves. And with Lifestyle having over 85 of them for you use, you will be sure to be given the best equipment for you. Now, don’t be surprised if you take one or two lessons, become addicted to surfing and later pop back wanting to buy your very own board and wet-suit – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

If you have any surfing related questions during your never@home stay, or would like to book a surfing lesson – make sure you ask our friendly Cape Xtreme, travel desk.

Top Tips

– Make sure you remember to wear your bathing suit, a towel and bring plenty of sunscreen. You don’t want to have a face as bright as a lobster when you hit the bars that night!
– When in Muizenburg be sure to visit the famous beach huts and take a few snaps. Remember to hashtag neverathomeSA in your pics as we love seeing them.