There are lots of fun and exciting things to do in Cape Town and sea kayaking with Kaskazi is definitely one of them. What’s more, this is also an affordable activity, making it perfect for the budget traveller who can’t afford a luxury yacht trip but still wanting to enjoy the scenic views of Cape Town from the sea.


Getting into the water

As you arrive at the shop you will be greeted by one of the friendly Kaskazi tour guide, who will have you kitted out in your all so fashionable life jackets in a flash. You will then be given a quick but informative chat about the kayaks and how they are used as well as the safety rules you must follow once you are in the sea.

The kayaks are stored in a boat shed right on the beach, a tow minute walk from the shop, so it is easy enough to haul them out and carry them to the water’s edge. Before hopping into your chosen kayak, you must decide who is going to steer (person at the back) and who is going to set the paddling rhythm (person at the front). Then you will be ready to paddle out of the bay towards the big blue open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Paddling towards Clifton

Clifton is well known for its ultra soft white sandy beaches and transparent, turquoise waters. So you can believe us when we say that the views on this route are nothing but phenomenal! Surrounded by mountains, you will also get spectacular views of Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, the Twelve Apostles and even Table Mountain peeping out in the background.

If that wasn’t reason enough to explore Clifton by kayak, seals and dolphins are also known to inspect the kayaks, providing a truly magical experience. The African penguin is also a common sight, but they might not be brave enough to come and say hello. Southern Right, Bryde’s and Humpback whales are seen during whale season, normally July to December.

Paddling towards Granger Bay

The trip to Granger Bay takes us past the Green Point Lighthouse, the wreck of the RMS Athens and to one of the favourite hangouts for dolphins. They are regularly spotted on the trips this side especially on the morning trips in the summer.

Heading towards Granger Bay will also give you amazing views of Cape Town’s famous mountains. From your kayak you will have perfect views of Signal Hill and Lions Head Mountain.

Location, location, location

The Kaskazi shop and where you set off is from Three Anchor Bay which is located a stone’s throw from the Cape Town Stadium and close to the Green Point lighthouse (close to the V&A Waterfront). The location is perfect for our guests as it is only a short walk from the hostel. Be sure to ask our friendly reception team for detailed directions.


Trips are approximately 2 hours long. This is a perfect amount of time on your kayak as your arms do tend to start aching at this point (it is more physical than you would think!).

Visit the Kaskazi website to book your memorable kayak trip.

Top Tips

Make the day of it and explore the area before or after your kayaking trip. We recommend a walk along the Sea Point Promenade to make your day extra special

Don’t worry about taking a fancy camera or phone (better safe than sorry) as Kaskazi take many photos of your experience which they put up on their Facebook Page.

Be sure to slap on that sun-cream – You don’t want to be a burnt lobster!

All the trips are stunning but if you get the chance we recommend going for an early morning kayak. Not only is it much cooler at 06:30 but there is something surreal about being in the sea at this time.