After our successful job swap month last year, we felt like it was time to start it back up again in 2018. Not only does job swapping take our crew members out of their comfort zone, it means they get the chance to work in other departments and get to know their crew members even better.

To kick start this year the job swapping this year, we thought we would take the day reception crew from their usual shifts and swap them over to the dark side. Yes, that’s right, all of our day time reception crew are going to experience what it feels like to work through the night.

Reception supervisors also joined in the fun. Here are a few snaps of Gareth, during his late shift. We heard that this particular night was quite a busy one, and these pics were taken at 5am with tired eyes!



Gareth clearly was unaware of his finishing time! πŸ™‚

Gareth pictures with his fellow crew member, Bob, who is more than used to being up through the night.

Wake up Gareth!!!

Stay tuned for the next job swap month. Which departments do you think we should swap next?