There is something magical in the South African air, and even though our land may be filled and accessorized in diversity there is always something that ties us together as a nation, in fact, a few things. Things that we might have experienced in our upbringing

1. Niks Naks (remember when it was still 60 cents) and their orange residue that it leaves on your two fingers?


2. Who said you can’t chew and learn? Chappies bubblegum not only had one of the best commercials on television and the catchiest “Chappies bubbglegum” jingle. And to add to the fun was the facts that were constantly shared on the back of the bubblegum wrapper with “Did You Know?” facts – and now your friends probably know where you got all that knowledge from. An encyclopedia for only 20 cents? A bargain if you asked me.

3. It’s a part of the the heritage of South Africa, and the festivities – it’s BRAAING. Something that even has a day in South Africa, that shares one with National Heritage Day. But be careful if you’re the braaimaster, the last thing that you want to do is burn all that vleis and wors (meat and sausage in Afrikaans).


4. Remember pay day? That day that only comes once (or twice or three times) a month and has all KFC stores swamped with queues? You see, KFC in South Africa is more than just chicken, it’s a lifestyle, one of which we grew up with and we knew that when it was time for the folks to get paid, it would either be a bucket of KFC or a trip to Spur (accompanied by the song on your birthday) for the family dinner.


Have you got any more to add to our list? Let us know and comment below on some of the things that make us truly South African