So it’s your first time travelling to South Africa, you want to see a bit of the country, but you aren’t quite sure how to get around. What do you do? Forget about being overwhelmed as Baz Bus have got you covered. Baz Bus is a unique hop-on hop-off, door-to-door bus service between more than 200 accommodations (including Never at Home!) in 40 different towns in South Africa.


Hop on, Hop Off

Simply buy one ticket to your final destination and hop on and off as often as you like along the route. You get picked up and dropped off at the door of your accommodation. There are over 200 establishments to choose from (backpacker hostels, guest houses, lodges & hotels) and more than 40 cities, towns or villages to visit. You can travel in one direction until you reach your final destination. There is no time limit on your ticket you just need to travel in one

For our guests travelling to us in Cape Town via the Garden Route, we believe this to be the perfect way to do so.

Travel Pass

For those who would like to be a little bit more flexiable with their travel plans you can get a travel pass, which allows you to travel in any direction you want and as often as you like within the time period (7 day / 14 day / 21 days).


Baz Bus allows you to connect with a community of backpackers who are slowly working their way across the country. Even though you may not all be getting off at the same stops along the way, you still get to know each other and swap stories and travel tips.


Baz Bus has a fleet of 22-seater semi-luxury busses, all with on-board Wifi, TVs & DVDs, USB port, air-conditioning and trailers capable of carrying surfboards and bicycles. One of the busses carries a trailer of mountain bikes and is used for our 100% fun Cape Peninsula day tour.

Their qualified and friendly drivers are dedicated to making your Baz Bus adventure a memorable one and have lot of stories to share along the way.