They say that the way you start your day sets the tone for its remainder. So you can imagine how epic your day will be if you wake up to watch sunrise whilst you dance your happy feet off for an hour! If this is how you would like to start your day then you should be sure to make your way to our Hidden Gem of the Week for the next Secret Sunrise celebration!

The Experience

Confused to what exactly a Secret Sunrise event might be? Then let us explain a little more….

Taking place as the sun starts to rise (hence the name), these parties are held at secret venues that are only confirmed closer to the time. Locations are perfectly chosen, ranging from vineyards to beaches, trendy city rooftops and courtyards. All locations are sure to have an awesome sunrise view!

So a party this might be but unlike a regular party, Secret Sunrise events are usually done in silence. Every person attending the event is given a set of headphones on arrival. Outsiders cannot hear the music, and event-goers cannot talk to each other. Instead, everyone at the party tunes in to the music. The party often starts with a guided meditation and from there, the music begins. The MC will provide guided instructions throughout the hour which will have you dancing free-style, in pairs and with the entire group. During the final part of the event you have the opportunity to completely let loose and dance like crazy. To keep things fun and interactive, the MC will give tips, encouragement and even dance move ideas. Nobody is judging and the whole concept is to be a bit bonkers and to look silly! Now, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on all fours towards the end of the hour, howling like a wolf (and we are not even joking!).

We love this hidden gem and think you will too because it is full of energy, good vibes and laughs – which is just what you need to start your morning the right way.

Location, Location, Location

Now it wouldn’t be a SECRET sunrise if it was always held at the same place, right. That’s why you buy a ticket, and then closer to the event date you will receive an email revealing its location. However this being said, a few of the Christmas event listed below have been revealed a unusually early in order to get you sun-risers pumped for the festive season!

Up and Coming Secret Sunrise Events

Secret Sunrise Summer Swing

Thur 8th Dec @ 06:00 – 07:00

The Bungalow field


Secret Santa Sunrise

Sat 10th Dec @ 07:00 – 08:00

St James Beach


Secret Sunset Carols

Fri 23rd Dec @ 18:00 – 19:00

Secret location revealed 24hrs before the event


Secret Sunset Take 2

Thurs 15th Dec @ 18:00 – 19:00

Location to be revealed 24hrs before the event


Secret Sunrise Get Fit Share the Joy

Wed 14th Dec @ 06:00 – 07:00

Location to be revealed 24hrs before the event


Tickets are available via Quicket or for more information call: 072 550 8028

Top Tips

  • Dress to impress. Lots of people attending this sunrise party will come in dress up and it is all part of the fun. Feel free to go as wild and wacky with your dress up ideas as you like!
  • Grab a lekker hearty breakfast after your hour of dancing!