Only 10 minutes walk away from never@home, the vibrant Sea Point Promenade is a “hidden gem” that you independent travellers are going to fall head over heels in love with! Along with views for dayyys, there is also lots to do here, keeping you entertained for the day at a low cost! So let us fill you in on what’s hot at Cape Town’s favourite promenade….

What it’s all about
Sea Point Promenade is a pleasure shared by Capetonians and travellers from all walks of life. And if you’re an avid people watcher, you will be in your element here, for it is the perfect place to observe the city’s diverse cultures.

This bustling promenade oozes charm and its wide paved walkway is surrounded by natural beauty. With well kept manicured grass on one side, the stunning Atlantic ocean on the other and Lion’s Head above – this scenic promenade will have you captivated.

It is also home to a popular, well-maintained outdoor gym (FREE to use – just saying!), children’s playgrounds and many awesome public art works that are well worth seeing.


The Sea Point Promenade has also become a real hub for those who like to keep fit, exercise and sweat a little. From free yoga classes to extreme boot camps and also a well maintained outdoor gym, there is something for just about anyone. But if it makes you exhausted just thinking about all these activities, you can of course just take a stroll allowing you to embrace the Promenade at your own chilled pace.

Splish, splash, splosh
Sea Point’s coastline, while being beautiful, is rocky and not ideal for swimming but if you do want to take a dip there is an awesome inexpensive public pool for you to use. The Sea Point Pavilion swimming pools are located on the southern end of the promenade and allow you to take a swim within the Olympic-sized swimming pool, while taking in the spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean at the same time! The pools are not heated (in the summer months you will be glad!) but they are noticeably warmer than the extremely cold sea!

There are changing rooms and lockers available for you to use too, making it easy for you to enjoy a mid-afternoon dip before you explore the rest of the Promenade.


The public art
The Promenade has recently become the prime spot for wonderful, interactive street art. Currently you will find works of art which include the “Rhinosaur”, a bronze artwork that illustrates the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, the infamous giant sunglasses entitled “Perceiving Freedom” as well as a collection of benches taking the form of inspirational words and sea creatures.


Promenade Monday’s
If you are here on a Monday be sure to grab anything that has wheels to join this fun sunset social where can you push/roll/skate your way along the promenade as you wish. In true South African style it is totally relaxed and you are free to come and go as you please. The starting point is at Queen’s Beach at 6pm.

Location, location, location
It is about a 15 minute walk from never@home. We recommend you take the scenic route and go through Green Point Park to get there. Walk all the way through the park until you get to the lighthouse and then turn left onto Mouille Point. Mouille Point will soon lead you to the Promenade! And keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, seals and whales!

Beach Road
Sea Point

Top tips
– We recommend visiting at sunset and enjoy watching the sun dip below the horizon!
– If you start to feel a little peckish we say you head to Rockpool, a popular bar that faces the promenade. The pizzas go down pretty nicely with a cold one!
– If a romantic seaside stroll is what you are after, avoid the promenade on Saturday’s and Sunday evenings, when it can be very busy.