Okay, so we all know that our Bar and Grill – The Randy Warthog rocks, but we are not afraid to let you guys know of other awesome restaurants in town. The Bombay Bicycle club is one of those places. Part of the Madame Zingara group, this is no boring eatery! With décor as full of character as the staff, The Bombay Bicycle Club makes for a “wonderfully wacky bohemian love den”. The food is always mouth watering , BIG on flavour and done right. This “Hidden Gem” is situated at the top of Kloof Street, consequently a tad further away from all the action of Long Street, making it relatively unknown to tourists – That’s why we just have to tell you about it …

The menu is delicious, full of flavour and lekker. Some of our personal standouts include the phyllo parcels, exotic mushroom fettuccine, Jamaican jerk spiced chicken and the garlic prawns perfectly cooked in a fragrant garlic herb butter. In all honesty it is pretty hard to choose from Bombay’s menu as everything sounds and tastes amazing but we believe it would be criminal to leave the eatery without trying the Bombay Ribs. They are the soft, sweet and sticky and will leave you planning your next trip to the restaurant so you can have this dish again and again. The portion size is HUGE, so you could share … But ribs are mostly bones right? In all seriousness it’s pretty unlikely you will still be hungry after eating them. If you have room for desert, we recommend their Don Pedro.

The staff mostly come from a theatre background and are not afraid to put on a show. They are often flamboyant, energetic and full of fun which creates a buzzing sociable atmosphere – part of the appeal in visiting Bombay. They also hand out bonkers and brilliant hats for you to wear which adds to the fun, especially for those celebrating a birthday or celebration alike. When the restaurant gets packed, which is often, it does get quite noisy, but that is part of the experience.

With a fully stocked bar, you can expect an array of cocktails, all with a Bombay twist. If you are feeling brave you can try the “Beached Sailor”, which will be sure to knock your socks off! Another appeal to Bombay has to be the TWO happy hours they have – from 4pm to 6pm and 10pm to 12pm. To kick start happy hour one of their staff members rings a bell to get everyone’s attention and chants the drinks on specials in a very theatrical way.

While Bombay isn’t so well known to tourists, word of mouth has made it a very common favourite to lots of hungry locals. Consequently the restaurant gets full very fast, so do book or get there early to avoid disappointment. You may also eat and drink at the bar, which also offers a nice vibe due to the social interaction you encounter with the bar staff. If you are a party of five you could land yourself the table with seats that just so happen to be swings!

Check out The Bombay Bicycle Club’s website for the menu and booking info: http://thebombay.co.za