Wondering what to eat tonight? Want something with a bit more va va voom than your regular restaurant? Then our “Hidden Gem of the Week” – Galbi, might just be the perfect solution for you. Galbi is the only authentic Korean barbeque restaurant in Cape Town combined with a South African twist, making it pretty awesome! Want to know more about this unique and fun experience? Let us fill you in…..

What Galbi is all about:
The concept is based on the popular Korean barbeque style of dining but fused to give it a South African flavour. Unlike a regular restaurant, the food you order is grilled by YOURSELF at your table! Here is how it all works….

  • Your group of friends (going in a group makes the experience much more fun!) sit around a big wooden table with a grill in the middle.


  • The server then brings a pot of coals and places them in the mini fire hole embedded in its nifty spot beneath the grill.


  • You are then ready to choose your marinated meats from the wide selection on the menu. You can also order local game like zebra, ostrich and warthog, creating a great South African/ Korean fusion. We recommend that your start your feastq with a Braai Broodjies (toasted sandwich) – another South African favourite!


  • There are also a selection of delicious ready cooked side dishes that accompany the braaied meats perfectly. Our personal favourites include the sweet potato fries and the grilled zucchini which is topped with parmesan and pine nuts – YUM!


  • The portions of meat and sides then come to you on what feels like a million little plates and bowls. And this is when the fun begins…. It’s braai time – Korean style!


The experience:
This interactive way of dining is much more social than simply getting your plate of cooked food and eating it. Instead the meal becomes an extended activity with some eating, chit chat, drinking and grilling before eating again.

An important aspect of a social scene such as this is of course the beverages too, right!? Well fear not as Galbi this covered for you. One can choose from all usual variety of drinks a standard bar has to offer as well being able to order something a little different, such as their Japanese saké (rice wine).

Each table also comes equipped with its own bell to attract the servers attentions when needed. So you are able to order more food or drink without being distracted from your tables conversation, due to the all so common frustration of having to battle to get your servers attention!

Location, location, location:
Nestled within the busy hustle and bustle of Long Street, you can continue the party after Galbi with a night on the town if you so wish to.

9 (19) Bloem Street, Alley Entrance,
Cape Town
CBD 8001

So grab your friends, book a table (it can get very busy) and have a great South African/Korean themed night within the famous Long Street.