What a pleasure it was to receive this lovely mail from our past intern, Maryam from Paraguay!
“Nice to greet you again after a long time!
The reason for my email is to thank you for your kind response the first time I contacted you in October 2019, and for leaving me open the opportunity to do my university internship at never@home.
In mid-August 2020, I applied for a Hotel and Tourism Management Training Scholarship offered by the ROC – Taiwan Embassy.
After months of virtual classes and a knowledge test, on Friday 02/26 the list of people who benefited from the scholarship came out and I was selected to take the face-to-face classes.
These classes are going to be taught at HungKuang University in Taichung City, so in a few months, I will be traveling to Asia.
I am very happy for this achievement and wanted to share it with the team of never@home.
Thank you for having received me at the hostel, for being part of my professional development, and for having given me one of the most incredible experiences of my life. All of you helped me with the language and had patience with me at work, I had the pleasure of being part of an exceptional work team.
I made friends with whom I speak frequently to this day, I visited dream places and I had the blessing of being able to get to know a part of South Africa, its culture, interact with local people and learn from them.
Please, if you could convey my gratitude to the people of all the departments for having given me their support in my stay there.
I always carry them in my heart.
Thanks to Gareth Davies for taking the time to write my internship report and letting me move from one area to another so that I can learn more.
I wish I could go back to Cape Town one day and see all of you again.
I wish you every success and that the Hotel and Tourism Industry recovers soon.
Have a nice day.
Kind regards,

Maryam ”