Exciting hostel upgrades

We are excited to let you guys know that through the months of May and June 2019, phase 2 of the never@home refurbishment is set to take place which will help to make us stand out further from the Cape Town hostel crowd – Just saying 😉

What you can expect:

  • 6 additional private rooms will be created at the back of the building.
  • We will be converting 3 large dorms to even more private rooms. This will separate all the privates rooms from the dorms.
  • All of the private rooms will be upgraded.
  • We will be redesigning and increasing the size and design of our bar and pool area (the Randy Warthog)
  • The flow between the lobby and the bar will be improved by knocking through the wall in the chillout lounge.
  • Finally we will be improving our security access to all rooms which will mean that you can only enter the area where the rooms are with a never@home key card.

Bigger and better:

After phase 2 of our refurbishment, never@home will have 220 beds, 52 rooms. This will make us the largest hostel in South Africa!