We all know how tough it can be to eat healthy at the best of times, but when you are backpacking and on a tight budget it might seem at times that a diet of chips is all you can afford. And that’s not to say that you shouldn’t try our Nik Naks or Ghost Pops, because they are pretty damn amazing but they shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you eat during your stay in Cape Town.

We have put together a few great tips on how you can save money with food –Enjoy!

Make use of the hostels communal kitchen

By choosing to stay at never@home you have use of our fully equipped communal kitchen which will allow you to cook for yourself. Now as long as you are not splashing out on caviar for yourself and the rest of the hostel, you should be able to save by cooking your own meals. And with a supermarket (KWIKSPAR) around the corner, cooking for your own meals couldn’t be more convenient.

Start the day with a satisfying breakfast

Did you ever get bored of your mom telling you “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and not to skip it? Well, this couldn’t be truer, especially in Cape Town as there is so much to do here. With mountains waiting to be climbed and sights to be explored you don’t want to run out of steam before starting the day. To ensure this does not happen we suggest filling your tummies with a big breakie to see you through. With our bar and grill, the Randy Warthog, offering a delicious cooked breakfast from only R35, there really isn’t an excuse not to!

*Remember breakfast at the Randy is served between 7-10am.

Eat where the locals eat

This is easier said than done, we know. But it is true. Locals really do know where the hotspots are and as they live in Cape Town they can’t afford to be eating out like a tourist every day. However if you feel awkward walking up to a stranger and asking them, fear not. Remember that most of the never@home crew members know the Mother-City like the back of their hand and this friendly bunch are always up for talking about food! They will let you know where’s best to grab a light bite, recommend fab restaurants or simply where to go for a lekker coffee.

Check out the FREE food shelf

Yep, we have one. You will find our free food shelf at the back of the kitchen on the right. It might seem a little weird taking food that isn’t yours to use, but once you have been backpacking for a while you will soon realise that leaving your food for other likeminded backpackers to use is common courtesy and completely the norm. So take advantage and use what’s there. And don’t forget that what you consider rubbish (a quarter of a bag of unwanted pasta) will go a long way for someone else, so before you check out you can also leave any food that you will not be taking with you.

Find other travellers to eat with

Buying in bulk is usually always cheaper than buying all the ingredients to feed just one person. If there are other people in the hostel willing to work together, you should pool your resources and do a meal together whether that be cooking in or ordering take-away. More food for less money per person – It really is a no brainer!

Eat at markets

There really won’t be a shortage of these in Cape Town. You will be recommended you visit food markets left, right and centre and for good reason – You are able to get scrummy food for good prices. And if you are fond of Indian food then we suggest you head to the Eastern Food Bazaar. This awesome canteen-style eatery will blow you away with authentic food from around the world, that is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but also 100% Halaal and as cheap as chips!

Wash all that food down with a cheap drink or two

Luckily for you, the Randy Warthog has some incredible drink specials that will not only save your money but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to make friends with others at the hostel. Click HERE to view our awesome drink specials and reasonably priced event nights.