We would like to reassure you that we are taking measures at the hostel that will make sure your trip to the beautiful Mother-City is not impacted by the current drought in any way. All we ask of you is that you join us in supporting these fun initiatives, so that we can work together and SAVE as much water as possible. And we are so excited by these great Water Saving ideas that we are looking forward to always using them. Because surely it doesn’t harm for us to be a little more water conscious every day???

Saving water in a bucket

We have buckets in ALL of our showers at the hostel to encourage guests to collect their shower water which can then be used to flush the toilet.

Taps and Showers

All of our taps and shower heads have been designed to save as much water as possible.

Bottles of sand in toilet cistern

We have placed a bottle of sand in all of the toilet cisterns (the part that is enclosed!). This reduces the amount of unnecessary water that is used per flush.

Water tanks to collect recycled water

We are in the process of installing 3 x 5000 litre water tanks that will be used to distribute water around the property should it ever be required. In the future we also plan on using these tanks to collect grey water that be used at the property for things such as watering plants.

Water signage

We have many water saving posters placed around the hostel to encourage our guests to save water during their stay

Bottled water

We have bottled water available to purchase at reception

New and efficient cleaning methods

Our housekeeping crew are using water efficient cleaning methods to make the hostel sparkle brighter than ever.

Here are some more water saving tips that you can use during your stay with us…