In order to let you acquaint yourselves with our brand spanking NEW menu, we’ve decided to reintroduce a segment of the blog called Dis’ Dish where we will be giving you more insight into what you can expect to find at the Randy.

Randy Salads

Kicking us off this week is our tasty Chicken & Feta Salad. We mean, just look how pretty it is……..

With the launch of a new menu, the added pressure was on to relaunch a menu that not only look appetizing, but also tasted and lived up to the standard that it so presents. And with the salads too, that’s the language that we had to communicate.

What’s inside

The Randy Chicken & Feta Salad is a tasty experience of fresh garnishes, leaves and vegetables complimented with a tender chicken that is grilled to perfection and one sure enough to fill up your stomachs. With summer on the way we think that this dish makes for a perfect meal and at only R60 it won’t break the bank either.

So don’t get left behind, head to our friendly bar & grill make sure that Dis’ Dish is one that you don’t miss out on! And stay tuned for next weeks Dis’Dish……..