With our bar and grill being called The Randy Warthog and with warthog tasting so damn good (earmuffs Randy) – it is only right that we offer you guys the best warthog dish known to mankind. And to put it simply that is what we have done. Our new signature dish, the Randy Warthog Burger is full to the brim with flavours that will satisfy your taste buds from the very first bite to the last.

For those of you currently thinking, “how could we possibly eat Pumba? ”.  Let us put it this way, if you enjoy eating pork, then you will enjoy eating warthog. For warthog in our opinion, is pork’s tastier cousin but just a little beefier. And once you have tried our new warthog burger you won’t ever look at that comical hog from the Lion King in quite the same way again.


The Burger: 
Randy’s chefs have worked together for a long time (2 years to be exact), to create a warthog burger that is different from everything else on the market. It is no secret that Cape Town has a fair few restaurants out there selling some kick ass burgers and we wanted to make sure that Randy’s signature dish was one of them!

The burger includes:
Warthog pattie basted in our secret sauce
Caramelized red onions

All burgers are served with a portion of Randy’s yummy chips – Because you might as well go the ‘whole hog’ right?!

So make sure that Dis’ Dish is one that you don’t miss out on during your never@home stay!