“After 12-hour flight from Paris, I finally arrived in South Africa. At this moment, I didn’t know how exactly my trip would turn out. I was welcomed by the night crew (Bob, Cosmas and Sipho), who are always around to tell some jokes and make you feel at home from the get go.

I arrived in this beautiful country full of wonderful places and people to do my internship with for two months as a volunteer. I know that is a big opportunity to be able to work in such a welcoming hostel. My main goal was to improve my English and discover a new culture to get my own opinion about this historical country: South Africa.


Awake at 6am to be ready at 6:30am to work for breakfast!! TOO EARLY for a person who likes sleeping late! I learnt how breakfast takes place with my amazing and wonderful manager Thami. He is always helpful and kind towards everyone. I’m totally grateful for his work, his patience and his motivation to keep a good vibe in the hostel. Moreover, during my internship, I was lucky to eat delicious burgers at the Randy Warthog restaurant prepared by this friendly staff: Sandile, Aphile, Asa, Thobeka and Pamela. I usually work with one of them during breakfast and I enjoyed a lot of good moments. Breakfast consists of giving advice about which breakfast customers can take, checking if the customer doesn’t lack anything, cleaning tables and especially keep smiling!

From 10:30am, breakfast is over and at 11am the bar is opened. At this time, one barman comes to open the bar. I met and talked with two amazing guys: Tapz and Mervyn. They taught me a lot of things about how to manage a bar, how to count the float, etc. I’m very grateful for their knowledge and for making me feel at home. At 12:30pm, my shift is done. Only 6h per day and only 4 days a week, it’s the daily life of an intern.

The rest of my day is dedicated to discover Cape Town and its surroundings. Then, at 3pm I decide to go to Camp’s bay with some friends to mosey in a bar in front of the sea (The 41 bar, excellent to drink a mojito). We stay contemplating this beautiful view until the sunset at 5:30pm. Yes, it’s early but we are in winter here at the moment so it is cold and the days are short! At 6pm, it’s time to watch the FIFA World Cup at the bar: France against Argentina. What’s better than watching sokker (football in Afrikaans), eating chips and drinking with friends? I enjoyed a lot of moments at the bar because it’s a place where you can meet new people from all over the world. I made friends from Israel, USA, Germany, South Africa, etc, so I’m glad that I spent time with them.


I hiked Lion’s Head, a beautiful mountain next to Table Mountain, where you can enjoy a magical view of Cape Town and watch the sunset with a colorful sky. You can take 45 minutes of your time to hike until the top and appreciate the moment. You will definitely enjoy it, 200% sure!! Never@Home and especially Phil, the travel desk manager, gave me the opportunity to go on different tours like the Wine tour at Stellenbosch to taste more than 25 wines in only one day and the Cape Point tour to see the Cape of Good Hope. Theses tours were incredible and full of surprises.

Of course, I can’t forget the reception’s crew. They do a really good job and offer the best service for every customer. If you have any questions, go to the reception and they will be very happy to help you and take care of you. Very quickly, they gave me the nickname “Fifi”, maybe because my real name is too hard to pronounce!


I will never forget this amazing experience at Never@Home. It’s one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I met a lot of friendly people and I laughed with everyone. I would like to thank the entire staff, especially Thami and Gareth (the big boss), who trusted me to work here. All the staff took the time to share their expertise and knowledge of their fields. Over the course of the winter I learned a lot, developed my skills and grew as a person. The staff were very responsive to my requests and always made me feel like a full-time member of the never@home family.

Never@Home became a kind of new home for me and one I shall always remember…”