My alarm goes off at 6:30.… SNOOOOOZE

My alarm goes off at 6:45…. SNOOOOOOOOOOZE

My alarm goes off at 6:55.… I get my lazy ass out of bed.

I pull on my running kit, wave sleepily at the reception team who are already looking bright eyed and bushy tailed (courtesy of our EXCELLENT 24hr reception service). I set off down the road, through Green Point Park, towards the Mouille Point lighthouse. When I first ran this route I thought, woah, this is gorgeous, this must be the best part of this route… but wait, it gets better…

I turn left at the lighthouse and set off down the promenade towards Seapoint. THIS is best part of the route. Anyone staying at never@home MUST do this route (running, walking, skipping – whatever your style is). There are absolutely stunning views in both directions.

I get back to the hostel, quick shower and then I’m behind the reception desk, raring to go, by 8am (or 08:01 if you ask our diligent Manager Mary, nothing gets past her)

I give Gareth (Reception Gareth not Big Boss Gareth) a big congratulatory hug for his recent, and deserving, promotion to Supervisor (so Supervisor Gareth from now on).

Our morning consists of checking all the departures and arrivals for the day. Making sure any special notes have been taken into consideration and mentally preparing ourselves to offer the BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE to every single person who walks through the door.

10am approaches and my belly asks for breakfast. After my morning run (no, I don’t do that every day..) I reward myself by ordering Asa’s AMAZING scrambled eggs. Another must for anyone staying with us, they are SO. GOOD.

11am comes around and we do room checks to chase out any scoundrels who have over stayed the 11am check out time, (of course all guests are encouraged to put their luggage in the store room and stay as long as they like around the communal areas).

The rest of the morning is spent preparing for the 2pm check ins, and making sure the hostel is looking in tip top shape. 2pm also happens to be my clocking off time. The life of an intern is very breazy – only 6 hour shifts, 4 days a week. I mosey down to Clifton beach (a very easy bus ride or Uber from never@home) for a few hours to read my book. It’s 30 degrees so I start getting pretty warm. I decided to venture into the sea to cool down. For those who don’t know, the sea is considerably colder on this side of the peninsular (compared to the Muizenberg side) but I, am a hardy Brit. There ain’t no stopping me!!!

I dip my toes in. HOLY C*** THAT’S COLD. I force myself to ignore the voice in my head shouting “FLORA, YOU IDIOT GET OUT OF THE WATER” – I dive in. I swim around for roughly 1 minute, trying to convince myself I’m getting warmer. I then notice my hands are yellow – there is zero blood left in them. I admit defeat and swim for shore. The voice in my head feeling smug.

On my way back to never@home my friend messages to say “fancy a Lion’s Head hike for sunset?” “sure, why not” I reply. We do a relatively speedy ascent and have a couple of Savannah’s at the top, enjoying the gorgeous orangey glow of the summer sunset. Lion’s Head is definitely another must for never@home guests; excellent sense of achievement, amazing views at the top, plus some perfect selfie opportunities.

On the way down I’m thinking “hmmm what should I have for dinner… WAIT… what day is it???? Is it Wednesday? It IS Wednesday! Hooray!!! My prayers have been answered! It’s Braai Night at Never@Home!” I practically sprint the rest of the way down the mountain. I LOVE Braai Night.

We get back from the hike, I spot Welcome by the Braai. He whips us up a lekker braai (South African for yummy BBQ for thoose of you not in tune with the South African lingo) and I devour it in seconds. We stay for a few drinks in the bar. Randy Warthog Bar attracts an awesome array of people – locals and internationals alike. In one evening there you can meet a Capetonian ,a Mexican and an Inuit (that sounds like the start of a great joke) . Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration but you get my drift, Randy welcomes anyone and everyone.

It is this inclusive, awesome vibe that has makes me love it here. Everyone smiles at you when you walk past, everyone asks how your day is (and they care about the answer!). never@home really is a home from home.