In my life I’ve done a lot of travelling. I’ve been to the East Coast of Australia where there are pristine, golden beaches and glorious waves. I’ve been to New York where the night life leaves you in awe. I’ve been to Nepal where there are magnificent mountains and unbelievable views but I have never been to a place that brings all these things together. That is until I discovered Cape Town.

During my three months in this incredible city I experienced what it was to live. From accidently climbing India Venster, the toughest and most dangerous route up Table Mountain to finding myself swimming in the ice cold ocean at Camps Bay at 5am with a bunch of Germans after a full night of partying at Long Street. Not to mention having a jol with DJ Tyson at the Dubliner, an Irish Pub which has a habit of getting wild. Being handed a 750ml beer at a crazy club in a township called Mzoli’s as if I had been in the place every weekend since leaving school. Experiences like these became the norm and I’d often find myself going without sleep in order to soak up as much of the city as I possibly could before I had to board the plane to go back home. Now, having only recently graduated from high school I don’t have a hell of a lot of experiences to go on but I can say with absolute validity that the time I spent in Cape Town was the best time of my life to date and when I get another chance I will be straight back.

Since I’ve been home a lot of people have asked me what the most enjoyable thing about my trip was. Obviously you would expect me to say climbing Table Mountain or shark diving or paragliding or going on wine tasting tours or going on β€œstudent safari” in Stellenbosch or perhaps even watching some of South Africa’s best DJ’s perform at the prestigious party location, Shimmy Beach Club but in all honesty the most memorable moments would have to be sitting at the bar at never@home, The Randy Warthog, enjoying a cold draught, having a laugh and exchanging travel yarn with other backpackers.

Now the reason I decided to stay at a hostel was because it was a lot cheaper than other places but after what I saw over the last three months I will be staying at a hostel even if I have enough money to afford the most expensive hotels around. Why, because somehow the allure of the backpacker life attracts some of the most exciting, friendly and talkative people you will ever meet. I found myself meeting new people for the first time and after only a week, feeling like I had known them for years. I remember on multiple occasions sitting around contemplating a quiet night only to be approached by a group of Germans, Norwegians, Americans or even Brazilians who I had met that night asking me if I wanted to hit the town. Naturally the answer was always yes and I always found myself having a wild time because of it. As you can imagine it is a hard thing to put an experience like this into words. What you are reading is only a taste of the things I experienced. But I urge any adventurous people reading this to pack your bags and discover what Cape Town can offer you. I can assure you that you will not regret it.