A HUGE thank you to all of our crew members for their hard work through the month of June. With the hostel full with iXperience guests, there has been lots to do and you have all worked brilliantly together to ensure the hostel is comfortable for their stay.

But there can only be one winner for “Crew Member of the Month” …… so we would like you to join us in congratulating Phil, who has been awarded this worthy title for the month of June 2016. Phil is our reception supervisor, from England but born in South Africa (and a real chatterbox). Phil is an extremely valuable member of the Front Office team and has shown great enthusiasm and commitment for the hostel. Keep up the great work Phil! You are a great example of how to be effective within your role on the desk whilst being friendly and caring to the guests.

In order for you to get to know Phil a little more, we asked him a few questions about himself and his time in Cape Town and this was his response…….

1) What encouraged you to travel to Cape Town?
A few different reasons – I wanted to experience working in hospitality in a different country. To enjoy the sunny climate and beautiful scenery that Cape Town has to offer and to return to my country of birth enabling me to experience this diverse country with diverse people and cultures.

2) How did you find out about never@home?
On a job website.

3) What are your top 3 things to do in Cape Town?
Skydive, shark cage dive and mountain climb/ hike/ abseil (anything outdoors really)

4) What is your favourite dish at the Randy?
The macaroni cheese on the new menu is delicious but you also can’t beat the Randy’s South African Braai nights!

5) Aside from the Randy Warthog (of course), where else do you like to eat and/or drink in Cape Town?
I love to drink and watch sport at the Fireman’s Arms – It has a real English pub feel to it (and great pub grub!). Also on my days off, I like to go to Dapper on Bree Street, as they do a really great all day breakfast!

6) If you were a cartoon character who would you be? And why?
Tintin, for obvious reasons.

7) If you could only take one item on holiday with you, what would it be?
My mum – For clean clothes and a full belly at all times.

8) Besides Cape Town where is your next favourite place to visit in Africa?
Zimbabwe for the Victoria Falls and bungee jump.

Stay tuned for our next crew member of the month for the month of July. Please let us know if you have any recommendations, or if anyone has left a positive impact during your stay at never@home.


Phil enjoying a cuddle with Kudzai ;)

Phil enjoying a cuddle with Kudzai 😉