Can you believe that another month has been and gone already? This can only mean that Summer is well and truly on its way! We are in the process of making some exciting new changes to The Randy Warthog’s outside space, and we think it’s going to help create even more awesome Summer vibes at the Randy. So watch this space.

For now we would like to thank all of the never@home crew for their hard work at the hostel last month and would like you to join us in congratulating Sandile, who is our very well deserved ‘Crew Member of the Month’!

Sandile, has worked as one of Randy’s top notch chefs since February 2016 and we have been so impressed with how much hard word and commitment he has shown recently. He has also been our main man during our popular braai (BBQ) nights and has wowed us by making some of the best steak and boerewors (South African sausage) we have tasted in a long time – And all you Saffa’s out there will know that is a HUGE compliment! Well done Sandile for all of your hard work and dedication in the kitchen – We look forward to tasting many more of your delicious meals to come.

We asked Sandile a few questions so that you can learn even more about him, and this was his response:

1) What encouraged you to travel to Cape Town for the first time?
To make and send money back home to my family.

2) How did you find out about never@home?
Juan who used to be the head chef at the Randy told me about a position here. The rest is history.

3) What are your top 3 things to do in Cape Town?


4) What is your favourite dish at the Randy?

I LOVE the Durban Curry. You really must not leave the hostel without having tried it!

5) Aside from the Randy Warthog (of course), where else do you like to eat and/or drink in Cape Town?
Makhosi (African restaurant)

6) If you were a cartoon character who would you be? And why?
I would be Spiderman because he is cool and awesome.

7) If you could only take one item on holiday with you, what would it be? And why?
I would take a vuvzela as it is the symbol of South Africa during football matches and the stadiums are filled with the sound.

8) Besides Cape Town where is your next favourite place to visit in Africa?
Limpopo for the wildlife.

Stay tuned for ‘Crew Member of the Month’ for October. We have a feeling this month is going to be EPIC!