Yes, we might have said it before but we really believe that never@home is no home without its crew members! We believe that our crew member’s rock and would like to thank them working together to provide a friendly environment for our guests to stay in. And even though we believe that they ALL did an awesome job last month, there can only be ONE worthy winner of our Crew Member of the Month Award! So without further ado please join us in congratulating our overnight reception guru, Cosmas Maringi, for WINNING the May 2017 award!

When you guys are fast asleep, dreaming of all the exciting Cape Town adventures you will be taking part in the next day, our man Cosmas is busy working away on the Never at Home reception desk. But for Cosmas, he doesn’t just ‘work’, it is clear he put his heart and soul into his job.

We all know how groggy and grumpy a long flight can make us and having to check in to your hostel at night can be somewhat of a chore when you are only feeling half human. However with Cosmas checking you in, you are soon put to ease with his calming nature and friendly smile. The perfect man for the JOB! So thank you Cosmas for all of your hard work, we really do appreciate all that you do for the hostel. You certainly light up the desk during the long, dark nights!

So you guys can get to know Cosmas a little more, we asked him a few questions about himself and Cape Town. We hope you enjoy reading his answers….

1) What encouraged you to travel to Cape Town for the first time

Cape Town has one of the most extraordinary displays of nature and culture that you will find in the world. That’s why I chose Cape Town as the city to find work in hospitality.

2) How did you find out about never@home

I’m sure it was by the grace of god, because it was only my first time visiting the vibrant Green Point and I just found myself walking through the never@home main entrance without anyone telling me about it. From there I got a very pleasant welcome from management and got myself an interview.

3) What are your top 3 things to do in Cape Town?

  • To work at never@home for as long as I can because I am happy here and dislike changing jobs.
  • To experience a close encounter with the gentle giants of the ocean.
  • To explore the best of Cape Town’s famous attractions aboard an open double decker red bus

4) What is your favourite dish at the Randy?

I like the Randy Warthog Burger and chips as well as the chicken mayo toasted sandwich.

5) Aside from the Randy Warthog (of course), where else do you like to eat and/or drink in Cape Town

I like to visit Extra Blatt Cafe and Rocomamas

6) If you were a cartoon character who would you be? And why?

I would be Spider man because he has the powers to climb up walls and is well known for his super-human abilities

7) If you could only take one item on holiday with you, what would it be? And why?

I would take my cellphone with me so I could keep in contact with my loved ones.

8) Besides Cape Town where is your next favourite place to visit in Africa?

Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls

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