As a new month begins and we reflect on January, we would like to firstly thank ALL of the never@home crew for their constant hard work and enthusiasm. However there can only be one Crew Member of the Month for January 2017, so please join us as we congratulate Sean for winning this title.

Sean has been an asset to the reception team at never@home since November 2016. Since then Sean has proved to be a real team player with a great understanding of service delivery. His friendly approach to guests and thorough introductions to the hostel creates a warm, professional and caring first impression for our guests.

We are super glad that he has in his short time at never@home received this award. Well done SEAN!

Now we think it’s only fair for you to learn a little more about our awesome Crew Member of the Month for yourselves, so we asked Sean a few questions and here are his answers, just for you …

What encouraged you to travel to Cape Town for the first time?

Looking back I came here to understand what it means to exist and a new place offers fewer inhibitions both personally and inter-personally.

How did you find out about never@home?

Through my mothers friend.

What are your top 3 things to do in Cape Town?

What is your favourite dish at the Randy?

Steak and feta salad or the Durban beef curry and rice

Aside from the Randy Warthog (of course), where else do you like to eat and/or drink in Cape Town?

I enjoy Giovani’s for their variety and the Moroccan meatballs

If you were a cartoon character who would you be? And why?

Ideally I might say Winnie the Pooh because his essence exists as something independent of  time. He appears incapable of literal loss ad gain so he is happy in a general sense.

Winnie the Pooh

Happy, happy, happy!

If you could only take one item on holiday with you, what would it be? And why?

I think that depends on the purpose of the “holiday”. Assuming that it is purely to relax I would take my computer because it offers a means of distraction through games.

Besides Cape Town where is your next favourite place to visit in Africa?

A place called Puntjie for the solitude and natural lifestyle

We hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about our man Sean – We think these have been our most intellectual answers to date.

Who has made a positive impact for you during your stay at never@home? We would love to know so we can ensure they get the acknowledgement and gratification they deserve.