Never @ Home is no home without its staff, so please join us in congratulating the following two employees for winning Crew Member and Star of the Month for September 2015.

Star of the Month – awarded to Thinus Dekker from reception for the amazing and professional care he took of Mr Levy (an elderly man and outside patron) who fell and broke his nose whilst entering the hostel. Thinus used his first aid skills and experience to safely stabilise Mr Levy and to ensure he was in a good enough state to leave the hostel and go to hospital. Thinus actually did such a great job, that Mr Levy only went to the doctor the next day. Mr Levy was extremely grateful for all the great help Thinus provided and I am sure he is singing our praises to all his friends and family, which is awesome exposure for never@home.

And …

Crew Member of the Month  – awarded to Carmen Midzi from housekeeping for her great attitude, friendly nature, reliability and continuous hard work. On three separate occasions over the last month Carmen cleaned the entire hostel with only one other housekeeper. On both occasions she did not complain about the unfortunate situation and got the job done whilst keeping a smile on her face. Carmen set a great example as a team player and we are very proud to have her as part of our crew.

Carmen is one of the staff at never at home who ensure that you really are - at home.

Carmen is one of the staff at never at home who ensure that you really are – at home.

Who has made you stay enjoyable and easy? Let us know on our social media platforms and we’ll ensure that they get the acknowledgement and recognition that they deserve – beyond words of thank you.