The “happiest 5k on the planet” is back. The festival fun is going to take place at the Green Point A track, Cape Town Stadium – which is a mere stones throw from the hostel!

What it’s all about

Surely by now almost everyone knows what the Colour Run is about by now. However if you have been living with your head in the clouds, we will explain,

This is a 5k run with a difference. At each kilometre mark, a different colour of powder fills the air and covers those taking part, creating an ever-increasing spectrum of colour. When you reach the finish line, the colour festival then kicks off and the air is filled with millions of vivid colour combinations! And that is pretty much sums it up. Running + Colour + Festival = FUN.

The Colour Run’s 2017 Superhero Tour acknowledges all the characteristics that define us as heroes. And it applauds those nearest and dearest to us, and those further afield who inspire us and offer themselves as role models.


Cape Town’s colour run is taking place on the 18th of November @ 3pm.

Be a water warrior

As we all know Cape Town and the Western Cape are struggling with the massive drought and water restrictions that are in place. So we were stoked to hear that the Colour Run have taken this into consideration. This year the event will be minimising mess, and minimising the need for water-based cleaning, through massive PVC sheeting, great-big vacuum cleaners, and muscles – GREAT to hear guys!


Tickets cost R270. In this price you will receive a race pack. The pack includes the official 2017 event shirt, headband, powder, temp’ tattoos and race number and more! Purchase you race tickets HERE

Highlights from 2016