The perks of being a rainbow nation comes not only with the myriad of  South African languages and cultures, but also the history and folk tales that come with it. It is not only the cultures that have signature dishes that they are widely known for, but the provinces as well. In KwaZulu-Natal and more especially in Durban, it is the bunny chow and in Gauteng’s Soweto boasts with tshisa nyama stands across the township that is the largest in South Africa. And, when we bring it back to the Cape, there’s the gatsby, and the samoosa and koeksister; how can you say no to that?

Forget the silver platter, we’ve got a platter that is local and lekker, offering you the best of Cape Town cuisine with ofcourse, a Never @ Home twist that only our Chef Juan knows how to prepare. The platter itself includes samoosas, meatballs, ribs and sausagaes and you can also compliment your treat to Chef Juan’s meal of the day. Treat yourself to a delicious offering of all of this at Randy Warthog Bar and Grill with your friends and lounge by the pool, dabble your skills at Djing with the jukebox or have a cold draft of your favourite beer.

See you at the Warthog!


How can you not treat yourself to this amazing dish?

How can you not treat yourself to this amazing dish?

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