This weeks “Hidden Gem” is especially for you travellers with a sweet tooth. Charly’s Bakery, situated on Canterbury Street in District 6, is full of all things cake. They specialise in designer cakes for all occasions, bright cupcakes, petit fours, cookies and more. Let us tell you a little more about how awesome they are …


Charly’s Bakery is a family run business, started by Charly himself and Jacqui Biess in 1989. The bakery since then has grown dramatically with their three daughters now running this bright and vibrant cake shop! It all started with a few simple cupcakes and basic cakes with a written message on top. Now Charly’s has become popular for their wackily designed bespoke cakes, full of bright, in your face colours, and glitter on almost everything!

In 2010 Charly’s caught the attention of local production company, Cooked in Africa, who they partnered with to produce a docu-reality TV series, Charly’s Cake Angels. With the show being watched in more than 100 different countries, Charly’s has since been quite the talk of Cape Town.


Being a bakery, we think it’s time we talked some serious CAKE. Charly’s “mucking afazing” cake fairies ensure there is magic in each and every bake. For us it’s their celebration cakes that create that “wow” factor. As you enter the bakery itself, you can see them being hand decorated – And half of the bakeries appeal. If you are lucky, you might even see some of their elaborate wedding cakes being made.

But we have to be honest with you, not all of the cakes we have tried beat our good old mom’s baking. This being said their brownies, strawberry baked cheesecake and Lemon Meringue Cake are delicious. Their coffee and cookies are also really good. But actually what we REALLY love had to be Charly’s homemade quiche (sorry mom, you can’t beat this one!).

For us the quiche really does steal the show and you should not leave without trying some. Our personal favourites include the bacon, and the smoked chicken and pepper dew. YUM!

Visiting Charly’s:

We think Charly’s is a well worth visit during your time in Cape Town and recommend you include stopping by the bakery within a City Sightseeing Bus Tour (Get off at Bus Stop 9) or as a combined trip to the District Six Museum. From here you will fail to miss this charming bakery with its outlandish decoration in front of you.

You will also be wanting to take a snap of the Nelson Mandela mural during your visit which is beautifully positioned to the side of Charly’s Bakery.

Fun Fact:

Each one of Charly’s “Oompa Loompa’s” (staff members) get a free birthday cake for themselves and all immediate members of their family!