With Cape Town always having lots to see and do, places to go and events to attend, the Mother City now welcomes a very unique experience for you and a bunch of friends to enjoy.

Have you ever chilled in a hot tub while watching a much-loved classic movie? Well neither have we! This makes us super excited for the launch of the Movie Tub.

The Movie Tub is a brand new series of open air events in South Africa. Up to eight people are watching a much-loved classic movie while sitting in an inflatable hot tub.

The unique hot tub cinema will be launching with events in Cape Town this November, with screenings to start Tuesday 24th November 2015. So far the schedule on their Facebook event lists such screenings as American Pie on 27 November, The Hangover on 28 November, Mean Girls on 3rd December, Project X on 4 December, Wolf of Wall Street on 5 December and Catch Me if You Can on 6 December. There’s also a ‘vote for your favourite movie’ screening on the 2nd December.

The Movie Tub will be hosted in Cape Town, Durbanville, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban in 2015/16.

For more information visit http://themovietub.nutickets.co.za/ or email info@themovietub.com