The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the most anticipated sporting events in Cape Town. Renowned across the globe for being the largest, timed cycling event in the world. And with this in mind it just keeps getting bigger and better each and every year, with approximately 35,000 cyclists from all walks of life coming together this year to compete for a title that is one of the most coveted in the cycling world! After the event was cancelled last year due to severe wind conditions cyclists are more eager than ever for this year’s event to take place (without the strong winds they had last year).

In light of the Western Cape’s severe drought, the tour is avoiding water wastage by making someΒ waterless changes.

Here’s a small insert of a story of a cyclist and how he managed to get into cycling in a township (where it’s not the most popular sport). This short clip will give you a glimpse into the frenzy you can expect when you are at the Cape Town Cycle Tour.