Today’s post is all about introducing our new “Hidden Gem of the Week” blog.

never@home understands there is a desire when travelling, to visit places that are unknown to other tourists. Not because you are unsociable but because it makes your own experience feel more unique and special. Such gems are hard to find so we are going to give you one hidden gem each and every Monday – aren’t we good to you?

Our very first Hidden Gem is Boulders Beach. Most people have actually heard of this beach and tourists swarm to the National Park in Simons Town. The main purpose for most is to visit the famous home to many African penguins. At Boulders you are able to watch these very comical creatures nesting and swimming from behind a safety fence that divides you.

This is an awesome experience and one of which we do recommend doing, especially if you are en-route to Cape Point. However we are going to let you in on a LITTLE secret … This is not the real Boulders Beach or the best place to get up close and personal with these penguins (sssshhhhh).

This is in fact Foxy Beach, which is a great viewing experience, as you are likely to see hundreds of penguins. However to get really close to one of these little creatures you need to walk down the wooden Boardwalk to Boulders Beach. Here you will be able to get within inches of the penguins, they will pose for photos and you can even swim with them! We must remind you, whilst they look cute and cuddly, do NOT touch the penguins as if you will lose a finger! Please note that you will need to buy a ticket to enter the beach. This ticket is valid for both Boulders and Foxy Beach.


Why is it such a hidden gem? It is due to the fact that most tour operators do not take their guests to this beach as they know that people would not want to leave. Therefore you do need to have access to a car to go there. But we know that people staying at never@home are a social bunch and it won’t take you long to get a few people together to hire one!

We recommend taking a towel and a picnic to allow you to spend at least a couple of hours here. Another perk to Boulders Beach is the white sand, massive granite boulders (hence the name) and dare we say it – warmer waters than the icy temperatures of Cape Town’s Atlantic Ocean beaches. This is due to the beach being on the Indian Ocean side of the Peninsula. Go check it out!


If you have any hidden gems that you have found during your travels in Cape Town and would like to share, we would love to hear all about them! Comment below or alternatively share a photo of your hidden gem on social media then use hashtag #neverathomesa. What’s more if we feature YOUR post or photo on our blog we will give you a FREE meal at the Randy Warthog!