Hop On Board

They say that first impressions are everything, and beyond a doubt, the best way to get acquainted with the Mother City is to meet her via helicopter. In South Africa, chopper flights are reportedly the cheapest in the world, and more importantly, a heli-ride is really the only way to truly appreciate Cape Town’s magnificent beauty. We could rave all day about how incredible this experience is but why don’t we show you?

A couple of our crew members recently took to the air with Cape Town Helicopters. Here’s a quick snippet from their flight….

Responsible Tourism

With the Cape Peninsula being declared a nature reserve it has been imperative to fly helicopters that have the least impact on the environment. In order to tackle this Cape Town helicopters have done the following:

“Cape Town Helicopters has taken the lead in Cape Town by purchasing a range of Airbus Helicopters. These machines are some of the few helicopters in the world that are certified to operate in noise sensitive areas. They are certified at 86 decibels flying at 1500 feet. This is the accepted noise limit for sensitive areas. So when you fly with us you are not spoiling someone else’s day in the Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve.”

Competition Time

Quite frankly we think this experience is awesome and one of which we want more of you to be part of. This is why we are going to be offering you the chance to WIN a FREE helicopter ride through our awesome competition that we will be revealing next week. Watch this space….