“Wildy passionate about spreading the incredible feeling of ‘stoke’ which changed her lifestyle and sharing the unique South African beach culture with locals and foreigners alike, Michelle returned to South Africa to start Stoked School of Surf. She combines the knowledge gained from her Sports Science degree with her SSA surf coach accreditation and lifeguarding skills to offer professional, personalised coaching in a relaxed, fun environment.” – taken from the official website of the Stoked School of Surf website.

This is how passionate and stoked that the founder of Stoked School of Surf , Michelle Davy is about surfing and educating people about the Cape Town waters. Are you? Stoked that is. To learn, because you can, either in groups, privately or in packages of 2 hour sessions at really affordable prices. Some of the packages from Stoked School of Surf include surf camps, trips and other special events that you can experience to find out more about the school of surfing, and I daresay, become more stoked.

So now that you’ll know how to surf, this is a skill that you’ll be able to use and hopefully, impart to other people, how will people know what you’ve been there? The store is made for that exact purpose. Purchase a unisex trucker cap, or T-shirt for either gender for a great price, online or in the store itself. And, for more information, kindly ask our staff at the front desk to assist you for any booking information.

Want to make your Cape Town summer stoked? You know what’s up, dude!