By Larissa from Brazil…

Since I started planning my trip to South Africa I had in mind the idea that I’d spend only 2 months in the country: 1 studying English and the other one working in some hostel in exchange of a place to stay. One of the first places I found that offered the type of work I was looking for was never@home, which immediately caught my attention by the name: Never at home. But after two months living and working in this place I can say that it has nothing to do with his name. I was so welcomed by my new co-workers that I ended up changing my passage, instead of just 1 month I ended up getting 2, totaling 3 months in Cape Town, and I couldn’t have made a better choice.
Working as an intern at never@home was one of the most sensational experiences of my life, I’ve never had such an amazing work team, from the housekeeping girls to the management, everyone treated me extremely well, not to mention the bar staff I worked with that today are like a family to me.
In addition to working at the bar and helping out in the kitchen, I worked with Phil from the Travel Desk on many hikes to Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, I assisted guests who had difficulty with English, had the opportunity to do many tours offered by the hostel and I could attend the staff party too!
I ended my two months as an intern with a great feeling of gratitude not only for having accomplished something that was a dream, but also for knowing that I’ve helped many people over these 2 months and that I’ve made friends for life.
For sure my trip to Cape Town was much more special thanks to this opportunity, thank you never@home for everything!