We want you to understand what the water restrictions in Cape Town REALLY mean. There has been a lot of fake news about it and like the good old fashioned game of Chinese whispers, a lot of what has been said is not entirely true.

So lets put a few things straight by giving you guys answers to a few frequently asked questions. Please note that both the questions and answers are from the reputable Responsible Tourism website:

If tourists visit Cape Town / the Western Cape will there be water?

Yes there will be water for tourists’ essential daily needs. These needs are considered to be access to drinking water and for personal hygiene.

What does ‘Day Zero’ mean?

‘Day Zero’ is when the City of Cape Town cuts the regular flow of water.

‘Day Zero’ is a projected date that is entirely dependent on current rates of water consumption: if all stakeholders adhere to the required water savings target, ‘Day Zero’ can be avoided.

Tourists would still be able to enjoy the diverse and world-class experiences Cape Town and the Western Cape has to offer.

Will tourists have access to drinking water?


Will tourists be able to bath, shower or use a swimming pool?

At present, tourists will be able to shower and maintain daily hygiene. Mandated guidelines suggest a shower of no longer than 2 minutes. The use of baths is entirely discouraged. Some swimming pools at hotels have been converted to salt (ocean) water.

Will restaurants and bars still be in operation?

In the event of ‘Day Zero’ – yes. Many parts of the hospitality industry have proactively implemented water savings and water augmentation solutions to ensure ongoing availability of water in their establishments.

Restaurants and bars are not currently negatively influenced but must still comply with water restrictions.

Which tourism activities could be impacted?

Tourists will still be able to access and enjoy primary tourism attractions such as our iconic Table Mountain, Cape Point and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Specific river-based experiences may be impacted.

Will emergency services still function in the event of ‘Day Zero’?

Yes. All critical emergency services (hospitals, clinics, police services) will continue to function.

Will major events still be staged?

Yes. All major events have proactively put in place plans to ensure that events have a zero or heavily reduced water footprint e.g. bringing in water from outside of Cape Town / the Western Cape.

Please read below on how you can help us SAVE water during your stay with us in the beautiful Cape Town….