Aitsa is a community project for children and their parents that we are very proud to help support and be part of. We strongly believe that spending some time with these remarkable kids during your time in Cape Town will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.


Aitsa After Care Centre is based in the small village of Kylemore on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. The village comprises mostly of seasonal farm workers and their families.

Aitsa has opened its doors in 2014 and currently serves 180 children on a daily basis. The Centre is a second home for most of the kids and provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for the children after school.

Aitsa strives towards building the children and their families full potential by offering holistic programs presented by professionals and well trained teachers. The programs aim to cover all aspects of the child’s development as well as some exciting opportunities in the world of sport, art and culture.

Parent development and training as well as strengthening the families’ capacity forms an integral part of the offerings at Aitsa!

Chilrdren start their journey with Aitsa at age 5 and will walk with the Centre until they are 18, well equipped and ready to be a healthy, productive citizen who can positively impact his/her community.


“We realize that we live in a community with brokenness and special challenges. We want to make a difference by working together with parents and other role players and use whatever talents and gifts we have to bring about change and help heal and restore lives. We believe that by positively touching a life of a child, a ripple effect can be created that can extend to a wider community. We are comfortable with not having all the answers or solutions but to work with what we have and who we are. We trust in God to do the rest!”

How to get involved:


Sponsor a child for R300 per month in this way making sure he/she receives the full benefit of the Aitsa Centre.


The majority of the Aitsa teachers also live in the valley. Aitsa have created jobs for 15 full time staff. Donations towards their monthly salalries helps Aitsa to sustain a high quality professional team.


If you would like to volunteer or visit Aitsa during your never@home stay be sure to get in touch and we will help you to do so. Please e-mail


We have a large donation box located next to our ATM in the lobby area for you to drop your unwanted/unused holiday items. Remember what might seem like rubbish to you is another person’s treasure. We also have a smaller donation box located in the Never at Home communal kitchen where you can donate cash.

“We want to walk a journey with each child from age 5 to 18, to become the brightest star they can be.”

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