Afrikaburn, South Africa’s answer to the legendary American Burning Man Festival, is back in the dusty Karoo for an extended seven days of art, music, performance and creative expression from 29 April until, 5 May 2019.

Money is no object in the temporary city as nothing is for sale, and generally, if you want something, you trade for it or ask for it. Afrikaburn fosters giving and letting go of material goods to enjoy the outdoors and reclaim some essence of human nature.

2019 THEME

Every year, AfrikaBurn has a theme and this year is no different! The theme for 2019 is “Ephemeropolis”.

“Ephemerality, in nature, art, in human activity, leaves potent imprints: a temporary lake, a flash flood, the one night a year that the baobab flowers, a sand mandala, an avenue of cherry blossoms, a sand sculpture washed away by the ocean, land art, a masterpiece drawn in chalk on a road disappearing after the rain, a performance, fireworks, a giant wooden sculpture released through fire. Fleeting moments carry great power… “did that actually happen?”. A trace is left on our psyches.”


Be unique and fun in the way you dress. The more bonkers the better! You could use this chance to wear ‘that thing’ that you’re afraid to wear in public.


Take a motorised vehicle and significantly modify it (a bike, a car)! Turn your vehicle into something that’s a piece of moveable art. Take note that you are only allowed to go at 10km/h.


Interactive camps set up to welcome, engage and entertain fellow Burners. In this case, camps can follow the theme of Working Title by incorporating something fun, colourful and out-of-the-box into the camps.


If you can dream of it you can safely say you can execute in the Karoo. In light of the theme, Burners can create interactive installations allowing passers-by to take a piece of Afrikaburn with them.

When it comes to entertainment, it’s completely up to you, the participant, to bring whatever talents you have, because you are not just the audience; you are also part of the show. Remember that this is not to show which one can outshine the other, it’s about having fun. Play around!

There is no ‘main stage’ and no power supply. So, a random piece of desert or one of the theme camps can become an elaborate set if you want it to be. Every kind of act is welcome as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s good time, and a party can pop up wherever the party people are.


People are encouraged to bring a minimum of five litres of water per person per day, enough food and supplies to sustain you for a week in the Karoo, sunscreen, a wind-proof tent (including heavy duty pegs and a hammer) and a bicycle (essential).  Most important is the adherence to the concept of Leave No Trace Behind – everything that you bring, you must be able to take with you, and no damage should be done to the natural environment.

It is also worth noting that the camps are also divided into the blue zone, which is quiet and family-friendly, and the red zone, which is for those who can stand a little more noise and action through the night.