This months adventure  allows you to view dolphins, the famous V&A Waterfront and Cape Town’s spectacular mountain range all whilst enjoying a fun kayaking adventure. There are some moments in life that will completely wow you and we believe that watching a school of dolphins power through the deep blue water beneath your kayak, just centimeters from your awaiting fingertips, is one of them. So let us tell you more about this great Cape Town activity:

The Experience

To truly understand the awesome experience you simply must try for yourselves but let us try and give you an insight to what you can expect when you choose to kayak with Atlantic Outlook.

If you are lucky enough, you will have the pleasure of your guide being a man called Jordan. His enthusiasm for the ocean and his relaxed surfer dude way makes him the perfect person to lead the way. When you arrive he will give a quick but informative chat about the kayaks and how they are used as well as the safety rules you must follow once you are in the sea.

From the moment you sit in your kayak and smoothly glide away from the mouth of Granger Bay, you will find that your view of Cape Town will take a whole new perspective. It will take a few paddles for yourself and your partner to get in sync but as soon as you do, you will soon feel unstoppable. Simply because that’s how the magnificent ocean makes you feel.

It won’t be long before you hopefully find a few dolphins in their usual hang out spot and if you do this is sure to fasten the groups pace! Because there is something about these playful mammals that has you following them with huge smiles spread across your face. They make you feel like a child playing a game of go chase in the playground, with how they tease you. Zigzagging beneath you and then popping up together in random positions moments later.

The African penguin is also a common sight, but they might not be brave enough to come and say hello. Southern Right, Bryde’s and Humpback whales can also be seen during whale season, normally July to December.

Location, location, location

This hidden gem is conveniently located at the V&A Waterfront, just a short walk from the hostel. Ask one of our friendly crew members for directions or simply pop the below address into google maps.


Granger Bay Blvd,

V&A Waterfront


Booking Your Tour

To book this awesome bucket list activity chat to our friendly travel manager Phil who you will find at our travel desk.

Top Tips

Make the day of it and explore the area before or after your kayaking trip. We recommend you explore the famous V&A Waterfront and make your day extra special.

Don’t worry about taking a fancy camera or phone (better safe than sorry) as Jordan will take an awesome video and a few snaps of the experience which he sends you soon after.

Be sure to slap on that sun-cream – You don’t want to be a burnt lobster!

All the trips are stunning but if you get the chance we recommend going for an early morning kayak. Not only is it much cooler at 06:30 but there is something surreal about being in the sea at this time.