Our new ‘Adventure of the Month’ blog post is going to have all you thrill seekers covered, as we will be uncovering all the top adventure experiences you can do in and around Cape Town. So it feels right that we should kick start this blog series with one of the all time adrenaline pumping favourites – Tandem Skydiving, with Mother City!


Located at the Diepkloof Airfield, around 70km from Cape Town, Mother City Skydiving is driven by a team of full-time extreme air-sports professionals, each with many hours of airtime experience and thousands of jumps behind their names – just the reassurance you need as you decide to jump out of that plane!!!

While your tandem instructor will be well qualified, you don’t need any previous experience for your first tandem jump, during which you’ll be attached to a certified tandem skydive instructor who will do all the hard work for you. Your only job is keeping your eyes open and enjoy the spectacular views on the way down….


One of the huge highlights about taking the plunge and deciding to do your bucket list skydive in Cape Town has got to be the awesome views of Cape Town coming down and there is nothing more satisfying than viewing them from the air.

In all honesty these views start to wow you from the moment you take off in the plane, making a good distraction for the usual pre-jump nerves. It really does feel as though you jump into a stunning painting!


Take a peek and see why you should contact our travel guru, Phil, to book your jump today!