How fly do you like your wine? Chilled or enjoyed at room temperature? Red or white? Sweet or dry? Or does your love and curiosity for wine for beyond pouring the glass and goes down to the experience and intimacy with the product and the man or woman behind the wine cellar the delicious bottled wine perfection? If that’s you, then Wine Flies is the wine experience you’ve been waiting for.

With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, Wine Flies goes to the heart of the Cape Winelands with the twist of South African style and allowing the South Africans and tourists alike to experience the places that one would’ve never thought of visiting. Meeting the winemaker and sharing the tour and stories of the wine land itself makes it an unforgettable experience.

And these are just some of the things that one can experience when you decide to be Wine Fly :

  • Tasting a variety of locally produced, world-class cheeses.
  • Cellar and vineyard tour, teachings of how wine is made, how to taste wine, food and wine pairing, what bottle to order at restaurants…
  • A hearty lunch is served in the the middle of the wine lands.
  • A diverse range of wine styles: whites, sparkling, reds, dessert wines.
  • Local treats of cured meats and dried fruit paired with selected wines.
  • Artisanal chocolate (Fair trade accredited) pairing with red wines.

Wine Flies is one of the suppliers that we source at Never @ Home , any more reason to stay with us?